When I meet with couples as their wedding officiant, I am frequently asked what to do about marriage vows.  Deep inside couples recognize the importance of the words they will share with each other.  Wedding vows, unlike everyday promises, are made on the premise of our love for just one other person.  Marriage transcends every other earthly relationship, and it stands to reason that vows made in this context need to rise to the occasion.  That’s why the words that are said should embrace the ebb and flow of life.  The promise of unconditional love through it all.  Wedding vows reflect this unwavering commitment through the totality of life together.  They are more than mere sentiment or a list of things we like about the other person.  It’s reasonable to think that a lot of thought needs to go into the choosing of the right wording.

Writing your own vows is a beautiful way to express your love or use these vow samples.  Feel free, however, to amend any vow to make it more personal or meaningful. Or use the vow samples for inspiration of your own creativity.